Tower 2D




What is it?

The Tower 2D is a reimagining of our previous project, the tower 3D, and its teleporting disks from a new perspective. This new perspective both was a design challenge for us and an opportunity to make something we felt was unique. The combat approach changed with the new perspective as the player being able to see more of the map made more puzzle-based combat This shift away from fast-paced action lead to us making enemies be one-hit kills as to make the singular hit more satisfying. The game developed by me and one other person eventually won Best 2D Game at SCAD Entelechy. 

What did I do?

As this was a project with me and one other person, I did all the programming while they did all the art. We shared, or in some cases even split, the design responsibilities. My main design focus was more to do with combat, designing how the new/old enemies would function in a 2D environment as well as our character and their abilities. This included things like converting a wall run to a wall jump or a knockback enemy to a slow down enemy. While I worked on stuff like that my partner would focus on things like level design and we would work together on bosses as they were often a mixture of both.

How did I do it?

Most of the design decisions were made by looking at the advantages and disadvantages brought by the change in perspective. A player being knocked back on 3 axes’ is much more dangerous than on 2 but being slowed down in the air is more manageable for the player when they can see their complete surroundings. Effects of the change, like this, were present throughout all aspects of design though were enjoyable constraints to work in. My most proud aspect of design on the project is one of our new bosses who shifts parts of the room through time. This makes the level design of the fight extremely important as it allows the player to learn throughout the fight while also keeping them on their toes.

Why did I do it?

Recognizing the natural limits that came with developing the pervious version in 3D we were intrigued by how the change would affect things. Such as the spacial awareness when teleporting being so much higher in 2D than 3D or how much easier disk bounce predictions are. The change also meant we could use what we learned to make enemies and gameplay that felt even more intentional to the design of the character. For this reason, we were extra certain to put thought into the way enemies, like a slow down and a chaser enemy, would affect the player. Encouraging more unique uses of the gameplay and environment than the previous version.

Gameplay Video