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Search for the Gryphon
Unreal 4
Systems Designer

Search for the Gryphon is a multidisciplinary ride created as an official production for SCAD Day, worked on by a variety of Majors. The ride has six passengers enter a set modeled after the in-game submarine, the “Bubble Bee,” and put on their VR headsets to be lowered into an undersea adventure. On the ride, passengers will face deep-sea creatures and perilous terrains in their search for sunken art. 


My Focus

My role on this project bounced between a systems designer and a QA tester as needed. My systems work on the project had me setting up things like the VR seat system and a scrapped interactive system. This project also tested things like VR motion sickness, working closely with the team's level designers to define best practices for the submarine path.

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